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Welcome to the world of bathroom remodels, where ordinary spaces are transformed into luxurious sanctuaries and everyday routines become indulgent rituals. At Bath World and More, we are the architects of bathroom dreams, dedicated to turning your vision of a perfect bathroom into a reality. With our expertise, creativity, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we take pride in crafting spaces that seamlessly blend style, functionality, and personal expression.

What Bath World and More Can Do For Your Bathroom

Complete Bathroom Renovations

Custom Tile Work

Luxury fixture Installation

We Have Financing Options

Remodeling finance options offer the flexibility to turn your renovation dreams into reality. Whether you're considering a kitchen makeover, bathroom upgrade, these options provide the financial support you need to enhance your living space. Now you can embark on your renovation journey with confidence, knowing that you have the means to create a more beautiful and functional home. At Bath World and More, we're here to help you explore and select the perfect remodeling finance option tailored to your project's scope and your financial goals, so you can enjoy the home you've always envisioned.

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Choosing The Right Stones For You!

One key difference lies in their composition: porcelain is entirely ceramic, while quartz is a blend of natural stone and synthetic materials. Porcelain countertops are heavier and may require extra support during installation, whereas quartz countertops are generally lighter and more flexible in terms of installation. Additionally, porcelain countertops may be more susceptible to chipping along the edges due to their ceramic composition, while quartz countertops are more forgiving in this regard.

Porcelain or Quartz?

What’s The Difference

Porcelain is made from a type of ceramic clay called kaolin, which is fired at extremely high temperatures. They are known for their remarkable durability, heat resistance, and scratch resistance. Porcelain comes in a variety of colors and patterns, often mimicking the look of natural stone. Porcelain offers a timeless and elegant look

Quartz is engineered stone surfaces made by combining natural quartz crystals with resins and pigments. They are highly durable, non-porous, and resistant to stains, making them easy to maintain. Quartz offers a wide range of colors and patterns, and they can replicate the appearance of natural stone, such as granite or marble, with greater consistency. Quartz provides exceptional durability and low maintenance.



Faucets and Hardware
Bath Tubs

Bathroom fixtures are the essential components that contribute to the functionality and aesthetic appeal of any bathroom space

See What Others Have to Say

Shelly Luna
Shelly Luna
August 11, 2023
We recently had Bath World complete a full renovation of a bathroom in our garage apartment, including replacing the outdated tub with a new walk-in shower. They did an outstanding job! I say this as someone who had an interior design business for 15 years and oversaw many renovations and understand what a difficult experience renovating bathrooms can be. Tyler and his crew were on time, communicative, neat, professional and actually completed the job a day early! Our sales guy, Bill, was awesome too…no pressure, just honest and help make completing our selections easy. We received several quotes from other vendors with similar products and Bath World was much less and provided so much more! The entire process with Bath World was a great experience. We are so proud of our new bathroom and highly recommend them to anyone looking to renovate!
Reba Garth
Reba Garth
June 26, 2023
Iaroslov did an excellent job and payed attention to details. He did a tub to shower conversion and we love it!
Oleg Pankiv
Oleg Pankiv
May 28, 2023
The company did a good job to remodel my bathroom. Thank you and kudos to installer Iaroslav he is a professional and did a great job in Tampa fl.
Frank G
Frank G
May 22, 2023
We are so happy that we chose Bath World & More, Oldsmar, FL to do our master bath remodel. The staff was very professional and responsive to our needs. We would highly recommend them. Our installed, Iarovslav was awesome. He is an artist. Our salesperson, Bill was very helpful with helping us decide what to order. Javiar (product mgr) was always available when we needed him.
Michael Pobat
Michael Pobat
May 14, 2023
Trying to find a quality contractor in the Tampa area is brutal... I consider myself very fortunate to have found Bath World... I contacted them for a bathroom remodel and found out they also did kitchens so I had both my bath and kitchen remodeled... I was initially impressed with how responsive they were and then they won me over with the great quality and professional work... I could not be more happy with my bath and kitchen... they both look great and I appreciated the flexibility.... I was able to make some tweaks during the project... I also liked that they stand by their work and do whatever it takes to make the customer happy... I live in a high-rise and as such we have very little flexibility.... but Bath World adapted and got the job done in a very reasonable amount of time... What I appreciated the most is that they used all quality products (nothing from discount outfits)... the team that came in was consistent, and the communication was always outstanding... the other thing that I really appreciated was the opportunity to go to the countertop facility to physically look at the countertops and then pick a backsplash that matched... it really made a difference... Bottom Line: If you are looking to have a competent company come in to do a remodel, Bath World would be my first choice... I really appreciated the daily communication, the consistent team, the quality products, and the collaboration to make sure I was 100% satisfied...
March 25, 2023
We recently had Bath World remodel all three of our bathrooms. We did a total remodel of our Master; converted a tub shower to walk in shower in the guest bathroom; and had a redo of our pool bath. They completed all three in six weeks. Totally amazing!!! All the guys were very courteous, professional and really cared about the work they do. We got three quotes, as we always do, and Bath World came in with the best price. I would like to give a huge shoutout to all the amazing installers that worked on our project: James, Eric, Joe, Rick, Javier and Igoslav. Thank you!!
Alan Berry
Alan Berry
March 22, 2023
When we were ready to remodel our bathroom/closet due to mold, we called Bath World and were beyond thrilled with the results! Cameron and Ricky were our installers and definitely brought their A game. Their quality of work was above and beyond what we had imagined. It was so easy to work with the team, pick out what we wanted and they kept us in the loop with any changes. One thing that will keep me a customer forever is the fact that they won’t try to upsell or take advantage. Tony and his team are the most honest and hard working guys in the business! I highly recommend them for any work you may need. We will be scheduling them to do our guest bathroom and kitchen in the next year and we cannot wait to see what magic they work next!
Ярослав Паньків
Ярослав Паньків
March 17, 2023
A very great team of workers. I liked everything about their work. from drawing up the project to the end of the work. quality work and on time. employees work qualitatively and quite quickly. the property in my house was treated with care! always cleaned up after themselves! there was no mess with materials or tools in the garage. Thanks to the entire Bath World team and especially to the installer Iaroslav. all the best